Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Day Giveaway

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Closing Date : 1/11/11

Thanks to Wency for organizing this sweeeet GA.

So, 10 facts about us are :

1. He is my friend’s bro! Already knew him before I met him as I heard lot of stories bout friend’s family and that includes him!

2. We share the same birthday month, December with difference of 1 year. But, I’m Capricorn and he is Sagittarius.

3. We faced tough situation when we first started our relationship in end of 2003. Family issues. Religion issues. Yeah.. I was a Catholic. He is a Muslim.

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Us on our Big Day 03.06.2007

4. After keeping it secret from my mom for 3 years, I decided to reveal the truth and we got married in less than a year after that, 2007.

5. He enjoys heavy meals (nasi + lauk pauk) while I enjoy fast food and snacks.

6. I never cook for him coz I can’t cook. He will do all the dishes cooking and let me do the washing and cleaning. But I cook rice. Is that considered cooking? Miahahahah…

7. Dekat Padamu by Yusry will always make us think of each other. Consider our song la!

8. He never wears pink and I’m trying hard to pujuk him. Muahahahah…

9. All the memories we had, we bound in a book call Taste of Love!

10. Believe or not…. Before we start the relationship, I never like him, almost hate him! Benci bertukar sayang… *wink*

Last but not least, may our love last forever. 


  1. Jangan paksa dia pakai pink Sis,sis sendiri urus.. Hehehe.. Kalau macam si Aki,volunteer.. Tapi kalau macam hubby sis,sis sengaja kasi beli2 ja dia baju.. Cakap,pakai di rumah ja dulu.. ^_^.v..

    Hehehe.. si Aki pi baca di blog satu,best oh tu buku,Hehe.. ^_^.v.. kiut.. si Aki pun terasa mo buat sesuatu la.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe..

    Anyway,Love Last Forever!! ^_^.v..

  2. Sis mouren ~ join la. siok jg ni bikin refreshing blk. kikiki...

    Aki ~ thanks for the advice. nnt sia p cari baju pink kasi dia. muahahahah... Uik.. dpt idea mo buat sesuatu? apa ka?? kasi blog la aa.. :)

  3. hihihi.. itulah orang tua2 pernah pesan tu dulu.. jangan suka benci2 orang.. nanti jadi suka tu.. see! ini lah buktinya.. hihih..

    btw, hi just! 1st time jalan2 di sini.. ;)

  4. nowriz ~ hi.. thanks sbb jln2 di sini.. itu la ba tu.. kan sdh tekena! muahahahah..

  5. betul tu si aki bilang...beli ja baju pink...last2 dia pakai juga tu.

    sama ni hubby ko sama sa...prefer nasi + lauk pauk than other menus..sebab itu ja yg sa buli lahap 2-3 piring and can take 3 times a day.

  6. So sweet oh kamu dua2 .. Mcm siok pla ni contest.. Nnti mau join la..

  7. carol ~ hahahha.. ba, nnt sia p cari baju pink kasi dia. kakakakakak... mmg baitu kan guys prefer yg heavy pnya meals.

    Stella ~ part mana yg sweet??? kamurang lg sweet ba.. ;p

  8. ada jg persamaan kt ni tau.. hubby ko pn pndi masak, same with my darling.. ^^ so sweet.. (konon! padahal malas masak ni saya..hahaha)
    u know what, baru2 darling sa kasi beli sa buku resepi, ada 250 resepi sumanya.. dia mau sa bljr suma tu mskn..hahha..adeh tpksa la masak ni tau

  9. HAHA! sis the no. 10 tu, it reminds me one of the korea drama yang from hate turn to love.. kinda romantic juga.. and the no.6 part, so gentleman ny.. dia layan sis bagaikan puteri ne.. ^_^